Lifestyle / Teacher Interview November 10, 2020

Meet Marta

I felt really inspired by teachers most of all, because it’s not always easy to be authentic, happy and calm at the same time. Yoga teachers are human and vulnerable too. My goal was to be that someone for students, someone who could be authentic and show their strengths alongside their vulnerabilities, while helping them heal in their own journey.

Lifestyle / Teacher Interview May 20, 2019

Jared Musiker & Forrest Yoga

My wish is to reignite the hearts of those who come to my classes. That they may find inspiration within the potential of their own bodies, as well as the inner courage and strength to walk in the direction of dreams.

Lifestyle / Teacher Interview April 20, 2019

What to expect from Pregnancy Yoga

We caught up with PYC Pregnancy Yoga teacher Lulu Winfield. She has been working in pregnancy for 20 years and her training is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives. We wanted to get a clear picture of what mothers-to-be can expect from Pregnancy Yoga classes.

In Depth Asanas / Teacher Interview December 20, 2018

Bringing creativity to class

We caught up with Mariel Witmond, a beloved teacher here at The Power Yoga Company. Mariel crafts beautiful dance-like creative sequences for her classes. Find out why she likes to change it up each week and how she deals with self-doubt.

Teacher Interview / Teacher Training October 20, 2018

Maud Gerritsen ~ A belly full of Yoga

I love yoga. I love its physical, mental, subtle, philosophical and spiritual aspects in equal measure. Most people who have a deep love for yoga can identify with the feeling of yoga making a shift in their life-path.

Teacher Interview September 20, 2018

Elodie Frati ~ My journey to Yoga

As I embarked on my first teacher training, I was confident my life would change in the direction I already loved: movement and people. I never thought it would propel me with such force into a world where every door seemed open.

Teacher Interview April 5, 2018

Get to know PYC’s Cloudia Hill

Transformation generally happens when we allow change to happen; stepping outside of our comfort zone we begin to grow and learn about ourselves. It won’t happen overnight, but like our asana practice, it is exactly that - a practice in patience and self-discovery.

Teacher Interview March 30, 2018

10 minutes with Mona Godfrey

We ask Power Yoga teacher Mona Godfrey 10 questions to try and discover what inspired her yoga and meditation journey. Mona arrives to each class full of vivacity and wisdom that she shares generously with anyone who attends her class.

Teacher Interview February 20, 2018

Vicky Fox ~ The healing power of Yoga

Yoga is the union of mind and body. When you come to a yoga class or come to practice on your mat it may be the only time that day that you check in with what it feels like to be you. Yoga teaches us to be self aware to connect to the breath and to be in the present moment.

Teacher Interview January 20, 2018

Ignacio Ruiz ~ Meditation for everyone

Meditation has been part of the human experience for several thousand years, but it may be now that it is most needed. It's central to improving our quality of life; making us aware of who we are, where we are and what we want from our lives.