We have Yoga styles to suit all ages, all bodies, all lives. Yoga has the power to calm when you’re stressed, to restore when you need healing, to energise when you need motivating. No matter where you’re at physically, or in life, we have the right Yoga class for you.

All Level Power Yoga

Power Yoga is an energetic, dynamic vinyasa style of Yoga, where one pose flows into the next in a strong sequence linking movement to breath. Expect to sweat! Each teacher brings their own unique approach, choreographing playful sequences for varied and engaging classes, to stretch and challenge body and mind. Once you embark on a Power Yoga practice you are guaranteed to see improved strength, balance and flexibility.

  • all levels
  • 16 +
  • Not recommended during pregnancy
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Level 1 Power Yoga

Designed for beginners, those wanting to revisit the basics, or if you prefer a slower pace. Simple sequencing with step-by-step guidance from expert teachers, plus plenty of alignment advice and postural adjustment. Here’s an open, safe and encouraging space to give Yoga a go.

  • all levels
  • 16 +
  • Not recommended during pregnancy
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Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is the slow moving, nourishing complement to the fast and fiery yang of Power Yoga. Instead of vinyasas, balances and core work, deep stretches are held for up to 5 minutes with the aim of finding release in the body. Either seated or lying down, enjoy deeply healing poses. As tension is released, observe improved energy flow throughout the body. Wear cosy and comfy clothing, and float out of class with a new sense of calm.

  • all levels
  • 16 +
  • all abilities

Flow and Restore

Flow your way into stillness. A gentle vinyasa to warm and loosen up, before easing into healing restorative poses that encourage the body to achieve balance and release tension. With Restorative Yoga, we use props to encourage the body to open passively with support and ease. These classes are a great remedy for stress, and a wonderfully gentle, soothing accompaniment to the dynamics of Power Yoga.

  • all levels
  • 16 +
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Restorative Yoga

Enjoy healing restorative poses that encourage the body to achieve balance and relieve tension. Restorative Yoga uses gentle movement to mobiles joints and create space in the body. Props are often used to support poses, to prevent strain and to encourage a state of complete surrender. In a restorative class you will learn how to move with awareness, and go inward through stillness. Leave feeling grounded, with a feeling of lightness and calm.

  • all levels
  • 16 +
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Dharma Yoga

An explorative practice, Dharma Yoga is an opportunity to go deeper. Where Power Yoga strengthens and grounds, Dharma Yoga opens and elevates. You are encouraged to find areas of resistance, and refine and work on your asana, with variations for each pose. Exploration and expansion of your physical practice with Dharma Yoga will enhance your Power Yoga practice.

  • all levels
  • 16 +
  • Not recommended during pregnancy
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Teens Yoga

In a relaxed and informal setting, Yoga for teenagers focuses on lowering stress levels and  improving confidence, strength and flexibility. Each class begins with a flowing sequence before progressing  into restorative postures, breathwork and meditation. Yoga can help to ease growing bodies and physical strain from sport. It offers a empowering, non-competitive form of movement regardless of fitness levels.

  • all levels
  • 12 +
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Kids Yoga (8 TO 12 YEAR-OLDS)

Experienced, creative teachers share traditional asana, meditation and breathing techniques in an imaginative and engaging class. Yogis between 8 and 12 are introduced to a full range of yoga postures and practical techniques to help calm and focus the mind.

  • ages 8 to 12
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Kids Yoga (5 to 7 year-olds)

A fun class for children aged 5 -7, combining yoga postures with games and creative movement. Yoga equips kids with strength, poise and agility, through playful and tactile fun. An opportunity for the next generation of budding yogis to discover the joy and benefits of Yoga in a safe, friendly and fun setting.

  • ages 5 to 7
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Postnatal Yoga

Our postnatal classes provide new mothers with a supportive and relaxed environment in which to restore and reconnect with their bodies. Work on building strength in the abdominals and pelvic floor, and release shoulder and back tension. We invite you and your newborn for some mother-baby bonding, as you explore a new dynamic in your personal Yoga practice.

  • suitable from 6 weeks after birth
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Pregnancy Yoga

Empowering mums-to-be through breathwork and gentle movement. Yoga strengthens birthing muscles, relieves aches and pains, and enhances sleep and energy levels. Expectant mothers will learn how improved posture can help get your baby into the best birth position. Lulu's expert care and knowledge will help you towards a beautiful birth experience.

  • suitable second trimester
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