Teacher Training September 7, 2020

From PYC Student to PYC Teacher

There are many reasons why people come to yoga, and yours will be as different from mine, as mine was to my neighbour's on the TT. If there's a feeling calling you to the training, answer it, you don't need to know why (this will come).

Teacher Training November 20, 2018

My Yoga Teacher Training Experience

8 years ago, long hours of studying for a PhD was causing Silvia mental and physical stress. Looking for a way of dealing with this she took her first yoga class. This eventually led her to train as a teacher at PYC. Discover more about her journey of self - discovery.

Teacher Interview / Teacher Training October 20, 2018

Maud Gerritsen ~ A belly full of Yoga

I love yoga. I love its physical, mental, subtle, philosophical and spiritual aspects in equal measure. Most people who have a deep love for yoga can identify with the feeling of yoga making a shift in their life-path.

Teacher Training April 20, 2018

Fredrik Underhaug ~ my Teacher Training at PYC

Born and raised in Bergan, Norway, Fredrik has always been passionate about health and well-being. He is a trained firefighter and personal trainer, and completed our 200hr teacher training this year. Fredrik recognised through yoga that change starts from the inside and out.

Teacher Training June 20, 2017

A Functional Medicine Approach to Yoga

As sensational as it may sound, there are no limits to yoga’s influence on my life (in the relatively short time period I have been lucky enough to enjoy it). My views and perceptions of the value of this ancient practice, however, have certainly evolved over time.

Teacher Training November 20, 2016

To teach or not to teach?

Léa completed her yoga teacher training with The Power Yoga Company in 2014. Two years later, she gives us some insight into what she describes as a “life-changing experience”. Read on for great yoga teacher training survival tips.

Teacher Training January 31, 2014

Cloudia Hill ~ my Teacher Training with PYC

Grasp the opportunity! Teaching for me is a way of giving back and transporting individuals on a journey away from the problems outside the door. You will meet some wonderful, kind hearted people on this journey.

Teacher Training October 30, 2012

Becky Farbstein ~ my Teacher Training with PYC

In many ways, I am an unlikely yoga teacher. I have no background in dance, martial arts, or acrobatics. Finding ease in my practice and learning to just let go on the mat has been an incredibly liberating experience.

Teacher Training August 31, 2012

2012 Teacher Training Review ~ Josie Taylor

There’s a part of me that’s very big-hearted and loves looking after people and I felt that teaching Power Yoga was a way to express that side of myself. It was about my love for Power Yoga and what I could give to a class.

Teacher Training August 7, 2011

Why do a Power Yoga Teacher Training?

Pete Cherry chats about what let him into Yoga and becoming a Power Yoga teacher. He discusses the benefits of Yoga and offers tips for those with an interest in becoming Yoga teachers.