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In Depth Asanas / Yoga Teacher Training April 10, 2022

What is Yin Yoga, and why is it so powerful?

Louise De Menthon discusses the profound shifts Yin Yoga can bring about. There's so much to learn from Yin, both through practising and teaching. As Louise explains, Yin Yoga is powerful to the point of transformation...

Yoga Teacher Training August 10, 2021

Top traits you need to become a yoga instructor

When it comes to being a Yoga instructor, it’s more than just knowing about the different variations of Yoga flows and sequences. Keep reading for some great top traits needed.

Lifestyle / Yoga Teacher Training July 10, 2021

Behind the scenes – what really happens on a TT course

Two PYC Alumni bare all, sharing the emotional and physical challenges they faced on their 200hr Yoga Teacher Training.

Teacher Interview / Yoga Teacher Training June 10, 2021

Meet Donna Noble

Donna's mission is to evolve the image of yoga to make it more diverse and inclusive. She creates safe, judgement free spaces where everyBODY feels welcome to enjoy the transformational benefits of yoga.

Lifestyle / Yoga Teacher Training May 10, 2021

My yoga teacher training experience with PYC

Despite only signing up for the course one week before the start, Natalie Smith thrived on our teacher training programme. "On our last day we all reminisced about that first morning and couldn’t believe how far we had come."

Yoga Teacher Training April 10, 2021

How to become a yoga instructor

Are you thinking about how to become a Yoga instructor? Joining us at PYC Academy promises to help you on your journey by providing a network of expert support

Yoga Teacher Training March 10, 2021

Online yoga teacher training

At PYC Academy, we often get asked which is better: online or face-to- face teacher training? It all comes down to which you feel will personally help you thrive better in your journey to becoming a Yoga instructor.

Yoga Teacher Training March 10, 2021

From PYC Student to PYC Teacher

There are many reasons why people come to yoga, and yours will be as different from mine, as mine was to my neighbour's on the TT. If there's a feeling calling you to the training, answer it, you don't need to know why (this will come).

Yoga Teacher Training February 10, 2021

My Journey as a New Yoga Teacher in 2021

Recently qualified yoga teachers are facing some unique opportunities and challenges due to the pandemic. Heather discusses a few key lessons from the PYC yoga teacher training that have helped her in starting the journey as a new yoga teacher in 2021.

Teacher Interview / Yoga Teacher Training December 10, 2020

Anatomy In Action Training

"She taught me to understand my body and that the fullest expression of a posture is different for everyone." This week, we talked to PYC student Cecilia Cremeaux about her journey to become a Yoga teacher, and what drew her to continue her learning with Elodie Frati.