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Lifestyle / Yoga Teacher Training / November 1, 2023

My Journey to Becoming a Yoga Teacher by Sabrina Ribeiro


Ever wondered what committing to 200hrs of power yoga teacher training is really like? Recent PYC Academy alumnus Sabrina Ribeiro discusses her journey from student to teacher, sharing her motivation and the profound impact it’s had on her life.

Initial Discovery & Motivation

As the pandemic lingered, my passion for yoga only deepened. Among various styles, it was power yoga that truly resonated with me. One day, while browsing studios near Fulham, where I live, I stumbled upon ‘The Power Yoga Co’. Serendipitously, they had a teacher training program beginning in March – the month of my 40th birthday. Mid-life crisis? Perhaps! But without a second thought, I applied, was accepted, and just like that, embarked on an unplanned yet thrilling journey.

Module 1: Out of My Comfort Zone

Stepping into the first module, self-doubt washed over me. Would I fit in? The sequence we were to teach seemed overwhelming. I was awestruck by my peers and felt out of shape. Surprisingly, we had to start teaching from day one. As someone comfortable presenting in my marketing role, I hadn’t anticipated teaching yoga, especially in English, to be such a challenge. However, the precision, the pace, the anatomy; it was all daunting. I remember my shaky voice when I volunteered to go first. Yet, every mistake was seen as a gift, as we were told – a learning experience not just for me, but for everyone.

Overcoming Doubts

After Module 1, with five more looming ahead, I contemplated quitting. What was I doing here? Was this step too premature?

Instead of surrendering, I ignited a fire of determination within me. I started recording sessions, rehearsing out loud at home when no one was around, testing my voice, and refining my script. Internalizing every move like a song helped build my confidence. This is what I always tell my kids: with determination and consistency, you can achieve anything. It was time for me to walk the talk.

Deepening My Practice and Finding Authenticity

With every new module, I discovered an opportunity to go deeper into the art of teaching and to infuse my lessons with new dimensions (anatomy, yoga history and values, inclusive vision, breathing exercise, Sanskrit…). What began as mere rote learning gradually transformed into a genuine embodiment of the practice. Throughout this transformative journey, I prioritized maintaining authenticity. Including my unique style, voice, and intention into each session. By revisiting the same sequence multiple times, sometimes 15 or 20 times, I not only honed my teaching technique but also greatly amplified the depth and breadth of my personal practice.

The Bliss

On the very last day of the final module, I had the opportunity to teach my first class to all my fellow teachers-to-be. I was so excited. I felt ready and was determined to enjoy every moment. The camaraderie among the students and the support of our teachers made me feel grateful for this wonderful experience in such a caring environment. It was pure bliss. And on that day, I received my diploma. I had made it. I was now officially a yoga teacher.

The Real World

As summer approached, I was presented with numerous opportunities to lead classes, filling in for absent teachers. Each session was a unique learning experience. A particular highlight was an evening class on a warm summer night. The studio was packed with 22 participants, and the session was broadcasted live. Guiding everyone with my voice, facilitating their moving meditation, we created a powerful energy in the room that lasted for 60 minutes. Even after everyone left, I could still feel that energy in the studio and in my heart. I was truly hooked.

A New Chapter

By September, I had received an offer from the studio to be a permanent teacher. Thanks to the mentorship of my teacher and my consistent work over the summer, I felt ready to meet my students.

I am now eager to continue my learning journey and be an active contributor to this community, aiming to spread the benefits of yoga and perhaps ignite a transformative impact in someone else.

A heartfelt thank you to my peers from the training, Marie-Laure, Amelie, and Amanda, as well as all the guest teachers involved. Your guidance, support, and wisdom have been invaluable on this journey.