Yoga Tips November 29, 2018

Coming back to Yoga after a break

When you take a break from yoga, coming back can be a challenge. In many cases, students don’t stop practicing because they wanted to stop, but because practice got sidelined by something else. Let go of any self-consciousness, get on your mat, close your eyes and breathe.

Yoga Tips January 29, 2016

The top reasons your teen should start yoga

You’ve seen the advantages, or at least you’ve heard about them, a regular yoga can offer considerable benefits to one’s body, mind and soul. Considering all the benefits of yoga, surely it must also be beneficial to our stressed out teenagers?

Yoga Tips October 2, 2015

Top 10 tips to boost your immune system this Autumn

As we say goodbye to the summer sunshine and welcome our winter woolies, it is vital that we take extra care to look after our health to avoid getting sick this autumn. Here we share our top 10 tips to boost your immune system and safeguard a healthy and happy you until summer 2017…