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Yoga Tips February 13, 2024

How to Experience Power Yoga (a Vinyasa Flow Practice) as Moving Meditation

As the pace of modern life increases, finding moments of peace and stillness can be challenging, but within the practice of vinyasa flow yoga lies a powerful opportunity to cultivate inner harmony through movement—a practice that is often described as moving meditation.

Yoga Tips September 23, 2023

Morning or Evening: When is the Best Time to Do Yoga?

Let's explore how the different times of day can affect your practice. Here's what you need to know. Keep reading to learn more!

Yoga Tips August 9, 2023

The 5 Elements & How to Apply Them in a Yin Yoga Practice

Yin Yoga works on the movement of energy through different channels. Each pose focuses on one of the five elements and each element is connected to the functioning of specific organs. Find out more and enhance your yin practice.

Yoga Tips July 10, 2023

The Challenge and Rewards of Dharma Yoga

Dharma Yoga is a system of yoga that emphasizes moral and ethical living as a path to spiritual enlightenment. Read on to know more!

Yoga Tips June 30, 2023

Why it’s Great to Practice Yoga in the Summer

If you enjoy yoga, you should keep up the habit even in the hotter months. Here are the advantages of practising yoga during summer.

Yoga Tips April 26, 2023

5 Benefits of Yoga for Mental Health

Yoga has a plethora of benefits for mental health. It can improve mood, reduce anxiety, and promote better sleep. Read on If you’re curious to discover how it can help you

Yoga Tips September 19, 2022

What is Drishti and Why is it Such an Important Aspect of Your Yoga Practice?

Drishti helps to keep the mind from wandering during yoga practice, and it also helps to improve balance and alignment. Read more!

Yoga Tips September 12, 2022

7 Essential Yin Yoga Benefits

Say yes to Yin Yoga! Learn and discover the benefits you get from slowing down. Start your Yin Yoga practice today and see the difference that it makes.

Yoga Tips August 15, 2022

5 Life-changing Benefits of Children’s Yoga

Yoga is a great option for children and can be practised at any age. It provides numerous benefits and is excellent for the mind and body!

Yoga Tips July 11, 2022

3 Must-Try Simple Yoga Poses for People Who Sit All Day

When people spend most of their day sitting at a desk, it's no wonder many individuals end up with tight hips and back pain. Yoga is a great way of caring for your body... Read on!