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Yoga Tips / August 15, 2022

5 Life-Changing Benefits of Doing Yoga at a Young Age


Yoga is not just for adults! In fact, it can children can gain important life skills through dedicated classes. For young children, yoga is more than just a physical activity. A regular yoga practice can help children develop skills that will help them through adolescence and later in life. As children get older, their emotional and physical abilities and needs change. Yoga can be beneficial for teenagers in a variety of ways to help them mentally, emotionally and physically. Let’s look at the many benefits of starting yoga at a young age.


Nowadays, children are exposed to more stress than ever. Whether it be from school or their home environment, stress is an inevitable part of growing up. Yoga can help them manage these feelings and their lives better. Yoga helps your child regain focus and calm down. They will learn to be comfortable with their body and trust their instincts.


Numerous studies have shown that yoga improves concentration and enhances your child’s mental capacity. Repetitive yoga poses will help your child’s brain development as well. Yoga is also useful for children who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) as it helps them focus better on activities. Basically, children who engage in yoga have better body awareness and can concentrate on what they are doing. Plus, they are able to focus better on their daily tasks despite the numerous distractions that surround them.


Most children tend to get overwhelmed with their emotions. They can take things way too seriously and have a hard time dealing with their emotions. Kids can easily be triggered by certain situations, and they feel like they have to fix them. Yoga teaches children to be less hard on themselves, which makes it easier for them to deal with their emotions. Yoga helps them understand what they’re feeling and why they’re feeling that way.


Children who practice yoga have better coordination, balance and flexibility. It makes them more aware of their muscle movements and how their bodies are positioned. This can help them make improvements in their physical abilities, especially their sports performance. Children who play team sports such as soccer, basketball, and football will be able to learn new plays more easily. This actually makes them a lot less prone to accidents and injuries because they have a better idea of where their body is in relation to whatever they’re doing.


Impulsivity is a common problem among children. A lot of the time, children take action before they even think about it. They don’t think about the consequences of their actions. Through yoga, children are able to gain more self-control and self-awareness. Through the repetition of poses such as the Downward Dog, they learn to be more aware of their bodies and how they are doing. This allows them to have more self-discipline, which allows them to make better decisions.


Yoga is a great option for children and can be practised at any age. It provides numerous benefits and is excellent for the mind and body. It can be incorporated into your child’s lifestyle or practised on its own. For children, yoga is a way of life as they can practice it every day.

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