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Yoga Teacher Training / August 10, 2021

Top traits you need to become a yoga instructor


Teaching yoga is one of the most rewarding things you can do. A good yoga teacher will always guide students towards wellness and healing. But what makes a great yoga teacher? If you’re wondering whether you’re ready to become a yoga instructor yourself, here are some of our thoughts on what makes an outstanding yoga teacher.

It goes without saying that before you become a yoga teacher, you will need to have gained an understanding of breath and asanas, but this understanding alone won’t necessarily make you a great yoga teacher. A great yoga teacher will be able to inspire their students with their passion for yoga and ignite their excitement to continue learning this transformative ancient art form.

Here are some of the top traits that we believe you’ll need to become a yoga instructor of exceptional insight and skill.

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A Passion for Personal Development

A key trait that all yoga instructors should have is the desire to continue their own personal development alongside their teaching. This means that, beyond the classroom, they take the time to continue practicing yoga and make use of all opportunities to further their education as yoga instructors.

There is a clear distinction between an average teacher who reads the basics and applies them to their teaching and an impassioned teacher who teaches from their heart and is constantly studying and making new discoveries. Your students will definitely notice the difference. They will enjoy the enhanced levels of inspiration and enthusiasm they feel under the instruction of someone who is truly committed to the craft!

An Ability to Adapt

In order for a yoga class to go as smoothly as possible, the instructor needs to take time to plan and prepare their class in advance. What is the goal of the class and how will it be achieved? How can the class be adapted so that all student levels are challenged and, yet, catered for? To teach effectively, you will also need the ability to change plans at a moment’s notice, to suit the requirements of individual students.

Being a good yoga instructor also means being prepared to answer students’ questions during class and being open to discussions after class too.

Remember, you are there to serve the class, to respond to students, and to do whatever it takes to facilitate each person’s most powerful transformation.

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Responsibility and Trustworthiness

Practicing Yoga is a very intimate process that involves not only the development of the body but of the mind and soul too. It is possible that students could share with you their very personal reasons for taking up Yoga, for example, to help with mental or physical recovery.

It is key to ensure that when creating relationships with your students, there is complete confidentiality – students should be able to feel that they can tell their instructor something and know it won’t be repeated to anyone else. This also demonstrates the fact that you have the student’s best interests at heart.

Awareness of Energy

As a yoga teacher, you need to be able to read what someone is going through in class. Are they suffering from self-doubt or pushing themselves too hard? Having a deeper awareness and sensitivity will allow you to suggest to students when they should back off from an exercise and when they should perhaps challenge themselves more deeply.

To become a yoga teacher, you need to develop the sensitivity to know when a good adjustment or a few words of encouragement will reignite a student’s interest and further their growth. If we can learn to feel and notice what our students are going through, we can tailor our instruction to enable them to fulfil their greatest potential at that moment.

Being able to communicate with compassion will enable you to make your students feel welcome, safe, and understood.

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