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Teacher Interview / Yoga Teacher Training / December 10, 2020

Anatomy In Action Training


This week, we talked to PYC student Cecilia Cremeaux about her journey to become a Yoga teacher, and what drew her to continue her learning with Elodie Frati.

How long have you been teaching yoga and what type do you teach?

I qualified as a RYT 200 (vinyasa flow) last November, so I’ve only been teaching a few months. I’ve have been practicing yoga for 7 years – Ashtanga, Bikram, Vinyasa, Mandala, Rocket- and recently I have been trying Yin and Jivamukti. I recently completed my 65 hours pregnancy and prenatal yoga training.

Yoga became an important part of my healing process through my life and this is the reason why I would love to share my knowledge and my passion with others.

Tell us about your teacher training, did you get a good grounding in anatomy?

Well, I feel super lucky because I think I had the best yoga teachers during my training and especially in anatomy. Thanks to Elodie’s expert guidance, I discovered a deep interest in anatomy and I graduated feeling confident in my knowledge and ready to teach.

There are lots of advanced training courses out there, what drew you to Elodie’s training?

First, as I said, I have a real interest in anatomy and I feel I need to pursue my studies in it. Also I would like to be more confident in understanding individual bodies and how I can best help my students. I trust Elodie, she is very knowledgeable and I love her teaching in general. She is super clear, funny, as well as going straight to the point. She taught me to understand my body and that the fullest expression of a posture is different for everyone.

You must read, observe and feel.

Are there any aspects of anatomy that you find particularly interesting or tricky?

For me there are so many interesting and tricky aspects! I am fascinated with the pelvic floor, knees and shoulders

How do you think the training will help your teaching?

I remember during my 200hr training we were asked “Do you think you need to have a deep knowledge of anatomy to be a good teacher?“. At the time at lot of us though having the basics was enough, but now I want more, not only for my teaching but for my personal practice too. Understanding your body structure is very helpful in knowing what is achievable and what needs more time. I’m so excited to start the course (and at the studio!) and continue my journey.

Anatomy In Action 20hr YACEP® starts 14th March, for all the details click here. You can see what other Continuing Education courses we offer here.

You can follow Cecilia at oha.yoga.