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Yoga Teacher Training / November 10, 2018

My Yoga Teacher Training Experience – Silvia Lopez Herrero


By Silvia Lopez Herrero

Why Yoga?

Eight years ago, long hours of studying for a PhD was causing me mental and physical stress. I started looking for a way of dealing with this and took my first yoga class. Immediately something lit up inside me. I had been practicing karate for 20 years, now not having to strain myself or fight someone to ‘workout’ was a revelation.  The yoga teacher’s words: “practice from compassion”, “cultivate love to yourself” and “stay within your limits” really meant something new and special.

Both Martial Arts and yoga work with drishti and connection to the mind, and that’s what drew me to these practices – the cultivation of concentration, precision and strength. At the time I wasn’t even aware of the spiritual goal and benefits of yoga which today are so important to me!

The next step…

After years on the mat I had more and more questions that I needed guidance with.  I craved more information on all aspects of the discipline: the body-mind connection, health benefits, the spiritual path…you name it.

I decided to undertake the Teacher Training when I needed a break from my work and hoped to have a transformative experience that would give me an insight on the next steps in my life.

PYC is my local studio. I’ve practiced here for years and it feels like home to me – I feel safe and cared for. But London has so much to offer, I owed it to myself to research other yoga teaching training. I tried several introductory weekends, but nothing else offered the standard I expected for such an investment of time and money. The PYC training offered the right balance of teachers’ quality & experience, curriculum and time frame. My decision was made!

Like many others on the course, my primary intention was to deepen my practice, not to become a teacher. But now, not even two months later, I am running my first seven-week yoga course. Yoga helps you find your own path, your dharma.

What doesn’t challenge you, doesn’t change you.

The training gave me so much more than I had expected. Days were long and intense, but from Day 1 we were applying what we learnt. That was invaluable in helping us build confidence and integrate theory and practice. The schedule was a good balance of subjects and practice, and the teachers were an incredible source of knowledge.

For me the most important qualities a teacher can have are: passion, compassion, discipline, an open heart and an open mind, devotion, inspiration and support. Every teacher had these in abundance.

The part I enjoyed most was supporting my fellow students as they evolved their practice. Now supporting others entering the yoga journey is what moves me to keep teaching and is behind my first collaborative yoga-teaching project.

Am I a Yoga teacher?

I’m definitely on the way! Marie-Laure, one of the PYC founders and coordinator of the teacher training course, guided me towards a transformative insight after the course. I know now that my goal is not to teach yoga but to learn from teaching and keep sharing what I have learnt. For me, learning is where my soul belongs. Thanks again to my angels, Marie-Laure and Amelie!

This is just the beginning…

I am a busy bee flying after knowledge – the pollen of life –  to produce the honey of life: personal growth! So many things resonate within me to achieve this: science, yoga, clowning, painting, writing, traveling and, most delightfully, being a mum!

So if you see me around, come and say hello or drop me an email with your personal views at