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Yoga Teacher Training / January 31, 2014

My Teacher Training with PYC – Cloudia Hill


The Power Yoga Co’s Spring Teacher Training Course begins on the 1st of March (lasting to the 30th), and the studio is currently accepting students! The studio’s mission is to train teachers to the highest possible standards. In only this way can graduates of the course go on to create the challenging, safe and fun environments within which yogis can grow their practice. These environments are one of the many hallmarks of The Power Yoga Co’s classes and instructors. Not to mention of its Teacher Training alumni who teach elsewhere.

If you’re considering undertaking our training – and we think you should! – either as a route to a possible career as a Yoga instructor, or simply to extend your own yoga practice, feel free to pop into the studio and discuss it with us. To give you an idea of what to expect, the potential fulfilment you can expect to attain and the experience of sharing in our course, we’ve turned to one of our instructors to share her story!

For many you reading this, Cloudia Hill needs no introduction. Her classes are immensely popular and her dedication to her role both as an actress and yoga instructor is infectious!

We asked her, firstly, to share with us how she got into yoga; and secondly, to share her experience of the Teacher Training Course at the Power Yoga Co.

“Yoga became a part of my life 10 yrs ago whilst at drama school. It wasn’t until I was on tour in the USA, however, that Yoga became a way of life for me. We had a gruelling performance schedule, working on a 7 hour play, and I needed to find something to help keep me focused, flexible and able to sustain the hours on stage in front of large audiences.

Vinyasa Flow in London was still a relatively new concept back then; something which is hard to believe given all the studios that have opened since then. When I returned from the US I was determined to find a studio which offered me the Dynamic Vinyasa flow that I had come to appreciate so much! It was then I came across the Power Yoga Studio, and I have never looked back.

It became my second home, and two years later I decided that I wanted to take my practice deeper. Whilst looking to study back in the US, I heard that Stuart Gilchrist, who’s class’s I had attended at Indaba, would be undertaking the Teacher Training at The Power Yoga Co. This made complete sense to me; being in a safe environment with an incredible support network around me, and with people I knew and trusted.

My Teacher Training journey allowed me, firstly to have met some truly inspiring people who are working and fulfilling their dreams within the industry in a variety of ways; be it Nutrition, Yoga or Health.

The days were intense. We had to be ready on our mats for a prompt 8 am start. And began each morning with Ashtanga P1 series, Pranayama breathing and Meditation. The days would end by 6, normally with a practice of the routine we would be teaching.

As an individual you go through a complete transformation. There were moments where you would feel physically and mentally exhausted, however those moments would be shortly followed by a breakthrough. And this is where the transformation begins.

I would advise to keep a journal. You overcome obstacles on your mat, mentally and physically and your mat becomes your safe place. If ever you’re feeling a little out of sorts the generosity of those around you and warm spirit is invaluable. We laughed, we cried we ached and ultimately we found freedom.

After the course, teaching can be quite a daunting concept. Be true to yourself. Yoga is a way of living and knowledge grows with age. You will know if and when you are ready to teach. I took some time out to digest the training. I had been given the tools but I needed to find my own voice and rhythm. Marie- Laure and Amelie (TPYC’s founders) have been invaluable with their advice, support and encouragement. I learnt to ask for help which is something that is not natural for me. I learned that there are so many willing Yogis ready to share, and they are only too happy to do so.

With time, I built a client list, assisted teachers and opened a class in Brixton. Now I have regular slots at PYC, and will be helping to head up the Yoga team as part of the new private members club at the Mandarin Oriental.

Grasp the opportunity! Teaching for me is a way of giving back and transporting individuals on a journey away from the problems outside the door. You will meet some wonderful, kind hearted people on this journey. There are moments when you may lack the confidence, feel that it is competitive without having any idea where to begin. But trust yourself, learn from others and be open and willing. Eventually, as a teacher you will change and develop every day; just as you do as an individual. If they walk out of class feeling positive, relaxed or cantered then you know you are on the right path. “

To join the Spring 2014 Teacher Training class click here and enjoy the journey!

Cloudia Hill is an actress and Yoga instructor based in London. She trained at the Oxford School of Drama, and received her Yoga teacher training from The Power Yoga Company based in South-West London; where she now teaches. You can keep in touch with her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.