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In Depth Asanas / Teacher Interview / May 10, 2022

My Journey To The Breath



I’m a breathwork teacher, combining ancient Eastern breathing practices (pranayama) with modern Western science-backed breathwork techniques. I teach you to restore balance in the physical, mental and emotional body, and gain freedom from stress.

Having found yoga in my early twenties, the practice hooked me. Initially for the physical which helped heal my body, but quickly for the shifts I started to feel in my mind.

But wait, can the breath really change how we feel?

And that was the start of my fascination with the breath as a vehicle for healing, for transformation and connection with the deepest parts of ourselves. The parts hidden under the surface.

I continue to be drawn to the quieter practices of life. From becoming a Vedic Meditator in 2020 with a twice daily meditation practice to continuing my training with experts to understand the power of the breath, meditation and the subtler, slower practices of yoga as a way of life.

Through my teachings here in London and worldwide with my online offerings, I hope to support you feel the subtle side of life, the softening, the undoing as you return to your true nature through the breath.


We’ve probably heard the term, your pain becomes your purpose. And this I know to be true. I’ve always struggled with the breath.

As a child, I remember suffering with asthma and that feeling of not being able to take in enough air. Breathing into the paper bag and coming back to myself.

Then the panic attacks started, the first one at a swimming tournament with an audience, in the pool where I had to be pulled out of the water. And then there’s the snoring. I’d always been embarrassed by how I slept, mouth wide open, “catching fish” as the saying goes.

It wasn’t until I started practicing yoga all those years ago when I began to notice the breath itself and that how we breathe can be changed. My snoring had almost completely stopped within a year of going to regular weekly classes. And the seed was sown.

In 2020, I travelled to Sydney to follow my dream of becoming a yoga teacher. And my life changed. There is a line in the sand, ‘before Nix’ on one side and an ‘after Nix’ on the other that came back from Sydney. And I remember the moment it happened.

During my training I was in a pranayama (breathwork) practice, and I felt something shift in my body. I had tears in my eyes and a sense of relief filled every part of my body. Suddenly the shame, guilt, fear, loss, the heavy backpack I’d been carrying around for years, lifted. I’d never experienced anything like it. All from being still, slowing down and breathing.

I felt lighter, gentler and more at peace within myself for the first time in a long time. And I knew in that moment the power of the breath and that breath was my dharma, my purpose.

Dharma in yogic philosophy “implies support from within, the existence of a thing, it’s virtue, that which makes it what it is.” I like to think of it as why we are here.


Since that first class, I’ve continued my exploration of the breath, fascinated and captured by this tool we have been given, that is completely free and everyone alive can do. I’ve studied with great masters in the field – Patrick McKeown the creator of Oxygen Advantage, Micheal James Wong, founder of Just Breathe and my current teacher and mentor Alan Dolan, founder of Breathguru. I’ve looked at breath from a performance perspective, from a somatic therapy healing viewpoint, science backed or sensation based, from Western and Eastern lineage – the potential of our breath is endless. And it reminds me daily that the power is always within us. Our truest nature is to heal ourselves and be free.

As I progress through my training to be a Breathwork Facilitator in Conscious Connected Breathing, my mission is to help people access their own power within and self-heal through the breath. Our breath is a vehicle for healing. It helps access parts of ourselves that we’ve suppressed, made small and kept hidden because we’re scared to show the world who we really are. I’ve been that person most of my life but my own breath released me and yours can release you too.

If you are ready to step into your power, find freedom from within, heal old wounds that no longer serve you – come breathe with me.

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