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Lifestyle / December 10, 2019

How Yoga Could Transform Your Life in 2020


This new year, we invite you to transform your life with Yoga.

Yoga has the power to revolutionise your physical health, your mental model and it gives you techniques for coping with stress, pain and trauma. Yoga has changed the lives of all of us here at PYC and we are yearning to share the magic this new year.

Yogic transformation is about allowing a full expression of your true nature. It is not about transforming into someone better, or in other words, someone different. It is about accessing your innate, best self.

Many people come to yoga for its physical benefits, but are delighted to discover the incredible positive impact on their mentality. Yoga helps us develop mindfulness: a mental state of presence and self-awareness without judgement. 

Until you’ve experienced it – sweating, exhausted, invigorated and totally focused on your yoga practice – there’s no way to show what a transformative tool mindfulness can be. Your mat is the perfect setting for learning to become more mindful, since it is replete with conditions that are beyond your control. Mindfulness teaches you to reframe these conditions and feel less reactive towards them.

It also helps us become aware of harmful mental patterns that prevent us from thriving; focusing on the now and delighting in experience. By becoming more present you gain a profound sense of peace. It means a total transformation of your mental model in a way that will help you find your happiness.

Living in London, it is easy to find the chaos and the noise utterly knackering. Too many members of our community are running on empty. However, a 60 minute class a day can completely break the pattern. PYC teachers aim to lift their students up, to invigorate and inspire. You can come to your first class thinking that you’ll never ever be able to do a handstand, let alone touch your toes – but each time your practice, you become more mobile, you find more strength and you will start to realise that you can improve. One day you’ll find your fingertips reaching your toes and you’ll realise that with practice and dedication, you will be able to do that handstand too.

This sensation of progress and self-improvement is amazingly motivational. It gives you a new zest for life, for work and for family and friends. Beyond just the physical energy you find from regular exercise, Yoga helps you find a revolutionary mental energy and motivation.

Yoga provides one of the most fantastic holistic physical health benefits of any form of exercise. There are three main pillars of fitness: strength, flexibility and cardio. Most forms of Yoga will help you develop strength and flexibility, but what’s special about Power Yoga is that it includes cardio as well. You’ll be working up a sweat and challenging your body to go further in every way.

The Yoga practice is often admired for its grace and power: Yoga bodies become supple and strong. Anyone can achieve these results with regular classes. (If you want some tips, check out our recent interview with PYC teacher Sophia Butler-Cowdry). More than this, of course, is the physical healing power of Yoga. The NHS recommends Yoga for people with high blood pressure, heart disease, and all sorts of aches and pains – in particular, back pain. In this way, Yoga can transform your health, and heal your pain.

Community is at the heart of PYC, our aim is to provide a haven where everyone feels welcome and supported so the practice can transform their life on and off the mat.

A regular yoga practice leads you toward greater self knowledge; hidden aspects of your character become visible and your relationships improve. Being able to share your authentic self with others is transformative and your mat is the easiest, most natural place to start. You feel connected, part of something bigger and that sense of connection is carried out into the world. 

Our teachers care about every student in the room, and you are always welcome to ask questions or have a chat. We run workshops, group meditations, talks and even a monthly book club. For all our yogis, our studio is a sanctuary where you can come to escape, restore and spend time with loving souls.

Yogic transformation is a gradual, gentle and irresistible process that happens with consistent practice. When this new year also marks a new decade, it’s the perfect time to make a long-term commitment to self-development. 

After a few classes, you’ll be glowing with energy. After a few months you’ll feel your body becoming stronger and more supple. As you progress over the years, you’ll develop a mindfulness toolset to take on any challenge and an inner peace to liberate your spirit.