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Yoga Tips / January 10, 2019

Coming back to Yoga after a break


When you take a break from yoga, coming back can be a challenge. In many cases, students don’t stop practicing because they wanted to stop, but because practice got sidelined by something else.

Perhaps you went on holiday, got ill, had a big deadline at work or had a baby. Perhaps you feel too busy or too stressed to make it to class.

For many of our wonderful students, our studio at The Power Yoga Company is a sanctuary. It is the place where we come to focus inwards, away from hectic London life. As a yogi, if you feel too stressed to come to yoga, yoga is probably what you need.

That first class back can be tough and will take courage. Your body could feel stiffer, or weaker. You might not be able to get into poses you could before. Your mind could be unsettled. Perhaps you even feel a bit self-conscious.

Our teachers know that feeling; they can support you through this period. Talk to your teacher at the start of the class: they will be able to guide you through variations of poses to suit your needs. When coming back to yoga after a break, you might like to come along to a Level 1 class (we run 3 to 4 of them every day). It will be a more gentle flow, with lots of postural refinements. It is a non-judgemental and supportive space to re-familiarise yourself with the practice.

If you’re stressed or anxious, you might find that your body feels stiff. That is natural: stress activates your primal “fight or flight” reaction and your muscles contract. You can’t expect the tension to release from your muscles immediately but you can start the process by calming the mind and stretching into your stiffness.

It is important to accept that the benefits of yoga come with regular practice. There’s no fast-track back into it, neither is it possible that you might have “lost it”. In the timeless words of K. Pattabhi Jois, “practice and all is coming”.

Let go of the excuses, the self-consciousness and the mind chatter. Turn up on the mat, close your eyes and breathe. We look forward to seeing you back in class.

What’s next?

One on one mentoring available if you already have your 200 hours