Power Yoga Co. | Sally Connor | Teacher at PYC

Sally Connor

Teacher Training

Sally is passionate about making yoga accessible for all body types and abilities. She remembers well the first time she walked into a yoga class and how intimidating it was – how loud the message was that this wasn’t for her body. Sally’s classes aim to break down those barriers and help everyone and every body access the benefits that yoga has to offer the body and the mind.

Sally started practicing yoga around eight years ago, drawn to it out of a desire to manage stress and anxiety from a busy City job. What she discovered was a practice that reconnected her to her body and her mind and has become a deeply embedded part of her life. Sally teaches from her own experience and trained so she could share the benefits that yoga has to offer with all people, regardless of body shape or ability. She trained in dynamic vinyasa yoga with Tom Hamilton and Craig Nadashakti Norris through The Yoga Edge in London in 2019. She has also trained with Jambo Truong in Forrest Yoga and Advanced Anatomy; with Craig Nadashakti Norris in Assisting and Yoga Nidra, Naomi Absalom (Liberate), Lucy Crisfield in Sanskrit and with Norman Blair in Yin Yoga.

Sally teaches in studios across London (BLOK, Mission, Breeze, Yoga Edge, Renaissance) teaching dynamic vinyasa, power yoga and yin, with an emphasis on modifying for different body types and abilities. She also teaches Anatomy and an Accessibility and Inclusivity module on teacher trainings in SE London, helping new yoga teachers offer classes that are genuinely accessible to different body types.