Festive treats at PYC
Studio News / December 17, 2014

Festive treats at PYC


The juice bar at PYC is bringing the power of raw food to you. With all the excess of the festive season at your doorstep, we thought you might like to have something healthy at hand. So here is a little treat from us to you: the juice that will RESTORE you…


2cm of ginger

handful of rocket

handful of kale

1 stem of parsley

3 clementines

half a bunch of celery

2 apples

Once rinsed, juice all the ingredients. Pour this delicious green juice in a glass.


Enjoy the benefits:

Ginger – Fight diseases and cancer. Stimulates. And what a nice combination with all those Christmas spices…

Celery – Hydrates, has a lot of vitamins. Stimulates.

Kale – High in iron, minerals and fibre. Muscle toning and strengthening.

Clementines – Vitamins C. It binds the iron.

Parsley – Good for digestion. You might need that!

Apples – Brings vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates.


A little more on our chef Sharon: 

Artist, traveller and photographer, she developed her interest for sustainability after studying architecture. Her travels lead her to work in a raw vegan cafe in Australia within an environmental community. She decided to become a raw chef with the prospect of creating an active community in relation with wildlife conservation. Sharon joined PYC team and helped finalising the tastiest juices and other healthy treats that you can enjoy at the Juice bar. Thanks Sharon!