Core strength and stability with Dan Peppiatt
In Depth Asanas / September 16, 2014

Core strength and stability with Dan Peppiatt


Have you ever wondered why some yogis seem to float so lightly between their asanas? Why their transitions between poses look effortless and why they move so easily into and out of inversions? More often than not it has a lot to do with their relationship to the deep core muscles. These muscles support our lower spine, offer stability to our movements and control the essential ‘hinge of the body’ at the pelvis, where the upper and lower bodies meet. If you can control this hinge and how it opens and closes, you will open up a entire new world in your practise. Not only will you understand your asanas differently but the spaces in between will begin to take on an entirely new perspective.

In this particular workshop we work on various asanas together to develop a functional understanding of core strength and stability.

What is our core?
What is the difference between core strength and stability?
What is the significance of open versus closed core positioning?
How does core stability relate to the bandhas?
How do we use yoga to strengthen our core muscles and then use them in tandem with each other?

This workshop will address these questions and more through a combination of theory and practical elements. By applying the functional anatomy to the traditional teachings of yoga, Dan will guide you through a range of partner exercises, solo drills and exercises with props to gain a full and rounded grasp of that missing element in our daily practice. This is certainly NOT three hours of sit ups and crunches!

Dan has practiced yoga for over twenty years, and has been a biology teacher for 15. Dan prides himself on providing workshops that focus on teaching both the theory behind each of the postures, as well as the practical aspect. He is very passionate that people don’t just come along to just learn a few useful tricks and go away, he wants yogis that take his workshop to feel they have a greater and deeper understanding of yoga which they can then build upon and pass on to others.

The Core Strength and Stability workshop with Dan Peppiatt is on Saturday 7th of November from 13:30-15:30pm at The Power Yoga Company.