Join the PYC 21 Day Yoga Challenge
Yoga Tips / May 20, 2018

Join the PYC 21 Day Yoga Challenge


We are delighted to introduce you to our upcoming 21 Day Yoga Challenge.  

In this fast paced world it’s hard to find the time or discipline to connect with our inner selves. A 21 day practice gives you the space to find yourself again, bringing positive, healthy energy into all areas of your life.

Open yourself to the possibility of transformation in your life, your mind and your body. 

Each day brings a new opportunity for growth. Learn how to embrace it, and use your practice to reflect on all aspects of yourself.  Change is happening all around us, but sometimes instead of embracing the possibilities, we retreat in fear. Pay attention to what comes up in your practice, and you’ll notice yourself becoming more balanced, aware and empowered. 

Just show up, as you are. You don’t have to look or feel great. You don’t have to be prepared for each challenge or know all the hows of every situation. You don’t have to be fearless, or have all the answers, or be 100% ready.

Nobody is any of these things. Nobody ever was. It’s not about being perfect at all. You just have to show up, as you are, despite all the objections and insecurities of your mind, despite each and every fear that threatens to hold you back, despite the limitations and criticisms other will place on you.

The hell with it all. This is your life, your journey, your adventure, and all it’s asking of you is to show for it, as you are. That’s enough. That’s more than enough. That’s everything.” Scott Stabile

Who is it for?

Our 21 Day Challenge is for everyone. Go at your own pace and practice loving kindness towards yourself. Remember we are all different, some of us find some poses easy that others find hard.  Learn how to listen to your body. When frustration speaks louder than your intentions, how do you respond? Each practice is an exploration, enjoy the journey. 

What to expect

We invite you to bring something a little deeper to your yoga practice. Challenge yourself to look at habits and thought patterns both on and off the mat. Try a new class or teacher, practice a posture that scares you. When you learn to embrace change, what once seemed like an obstacle can become a gift. 

“Continuity gives us roots; change gives us branches, letting us stretch and grow and reach new heights.”  Pauline R. Kezer


Explore ~ What brings you joy and what scares you? Do you draw back from change in fear or do you embrace it? Allow yourself the time to for self enquiry and be curious. Explore new possibilities and discard what no longer serves you. 

Transform ~ By “turning the soil of our own lives” we get to discover what we forgot we had, as well as observe where we need more growth.  If you are willing to look inside, you can reconnect with what matters most to you. Change brings opportunity, be courageous and take a risk.

Grow ~ Going inward can be challenging, but it is the only way we can positively change both ourselves and the world around us.  Nourish yourself spiritually, engage your mind and body. Through your energy and focus we believe the Challenge will lead you to the best version of you. 

You can sign up to the PYC 21 Day Challenge online or at the studio.

*£95 Challenge Pass valid from 7th – 28th November 2018
*Available to everyone.
*If participants already have an hourly or monthly unlimited pass we will put it on hold during the challenge.
*Yearly unlimited pass & Autopay members can also join the challenge using their pass.