Yoga Soothes A Heavy Heart | How Yoga Can Soothe Your Heavy Heart |
Yoga Tips / March 28, 2022

How Yoga Can Soothe Your Heavy Heart


Our hearts are the part of us that help us be compassionate, that teaches us how to trust someone, and they transform us into positive, loving people.

But sometimes that big, open heart becomes vulnerable and breaks—whether it is from the loss of a loved one to a breakup to a catastrophic loss of life from a senseless act of violence. Gone untreated, our hearts can become more cynical and we lose a little piece of ourselves. Maybe the metaphorical heart never fits back together like it used to but it certainly heals and grows stronger with each challenge it faces.

One way to help your heart heal is by enrolling in a yoga course in a studio near you. Before you do, though, here are some of the best restorative yoga poses you can try:

How Restorative Yoga Can Soothe Your Grieving Heart

Restorative yoga is a unique form of yoga that is sometimes called Yin yoga (although there is some controversy about that use) in which poses are held for a long time and the body is supported by a block, chair, or with a strap or blanket.

Restorative yoga is ideal for relieving stress and dealing with grief in the body. It is a calming and graceful practice that is gentle for the body, but it is also powerful for the mind, body, and soul. It is recommended for those dealing with stress and fatigue, those who are dealing with anxiety, or those who simply want to relax.

Child Pose

A classic restorative yoga pose, Child Pose is perfect for regaining balance in the body. The name comes from the pose reminding some people of resting like a baby. Rest your forehead on a mat, or a blanket, or even a pillow or block. Take a deep breath and relax your arms down by your sides.

Child Pose is a calming pose that helps the body relax. It relieves stress in the back body as you relax and it helps you reduce anxiety. And it helps you reconnect with your inner-child.

Belly-Facing Savasana

Like Child Pose, this pose reminds the body and mind to relax, but it is a great pose to do if you struggle with feeling anxious, nauseous, or even just a little queasy. While many restorative yoga poses remind you to relax, this pose is a little different. The key is to focus on your breath, and as you exhale, let the belly fall toward the floor, relaxing as much as you can. This pose helps you to breathe deeply and relax, which is perfect to do after a hard run.

Reclined Twist

Being in a twist helps the body to release tension and relax. It is especially good for the digestive system and it helps relieve stress. This pose is also known to help relieve menstrual cramps and to help with sciatic pain. This is a nice pose to try after a long run.

While it doesn’t heal the hurt of a broken heart by itself, it is a relaxing, safe way to help you cope with the pain and feel better.

Yoga is a great way to manage stress and heal from the inside out. It helps you to connect with your inner-child and to turn to a practice that can help you gain balance and perspective in your life.

You can learn more about this powerful form of stress and anxiety relief when you start a yoga course in a studio near you.

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