Yoga Soothes A Heavy Heart | Yoga for Heartbreak: How Yoga Can Soothe a Heavy Heart |
Yoga Tips / March 28, 2022

Yoga for Heartbreak: How Yoga Can Soothe a Heavy Heart


Yoga is known for its benefits in calming the body and mind and increasing our overall wellness, but did you know that yoga can also be beneficial in healing a broken heart? The benefits of yoga for the grieving heart are numerous. This restorative ancient practice can not only calm the physical heart and nervous system but can also have a soothing influence on the emotions. If you’re curious about the benefits of yoga for heartbreak, we hope you’ll find the answers to some of your questions here.

Our hearts are the part of our physical and emotional being that help us to be compassionate, teach us how to trust, and give us the ability to become positive, loving people. But sometimes that big, open heart becomes vulnerable and breaks—whether this heartbreak is caused by the loss of a loved one, a breakup, or some other catastrophic tragedy.

When we bury or deny our feelings, our hearts can become cynical, and we can easily lose a little piece of ourselves. Perhaps after a heartbreak the metaphorical heart never quite fits back together as it used to, but it can certainly heal and become stronger with each challenge it faces.

Restorative Yin Yoga for the Grieving Heart

Restorative yoga is sometimes referred to as yin yoga – a meditative practice in which poses are held longer and the body is supported by a block, a chair, or with a strap or blanket.

Yin yoga is ideal for relieving stress and releasing grief from the body. It is a calming and graceful practice that is gentle on the body, and powerfully restorative for the heart, mind and soul.

Gentle, Soothing Yin Yoga for Heartbreak

Yin yoga is highly recommended for those dealing with the anxiety, stress and fatigue that sometimes come with heartbreak. A powerful way to gently encourage a broken heart to heal is by enrolling in a yoga course at a studio near you.

Before you do, though, here are some of the best restorative yoga poses you can try:

Child Pose

A classic restorative yoga pose, child pose is perfect for regaining balance in the body.

Rest your forehead on a mat, a blanket, or even a pillow or block. Take a deep breath and relax your arms down by your sides.

Child pose is a calming posture that helps the body to relax. It relieves stress in the back of the body and helps to reduce anxiety. It can also help you to reconnect with your inner child.

Belly-Facing Savasana

Like Child Pose, this pose reminds the body and mind to relax. It is a great pose to do if you struggle with feeling anxious, nauseous, or even just a little queasy.

While many restorative yoga poses remind us to relax, this pose is a little different. The key is to focus on the breath, and as you exhale let the belly fall toward the floor, relaxing as much as you can. This pose helps you to breathe deeply, surrender, and relax.

Reclined Twist

Being in a twist helps the body to release tension and relax. This pose is also known to help relieve menstrual cramps and sciatic pain. It helps to relieve chronic stress and is especially calming for a troubled digestive system.

The reclined twist is highly beneficial for anxiety and stress relief, and while it won’t heal the agony of a broken heart all by itself, it is, nevertheless, a safe and relaxing way to help you cope with the pain and feel better.

Start Healing and Moving Beyond Heartbreak

Yoga can offer the perfect way to manage the stress that comes with heartbreak and heal from the inside out. If you’re thinking of exploring yoga for heartbreak – the gentle art of yin yoga for the grieving heart, this calming practice can help you reconnect with your heart and regain balance and perspective.

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