Liforme Yoga Mat Review - Our Thoughts | The Power Yoga Co.
Get it at PYC / July 20, 2016

We try out the Liforme Yoga Mat


The Liforme Yoga Mat has been called everything from revolutionary to the most comfortable yoga mat you will ever use. It has taken the conventional and upped the ante, providing a degree of comfort and control that is unparalleled and which allows you to focus even more on your practice.

Developed by Yogis for yogis, the development process of the mat was guided at every stage by the input and experience of experienced yoga practitioners. Dozens of different materials were tested before the designers eventually settled on one specially engineered for the top layer of the Liforme Yoga Mat. It’s also water absorbent and dries extremely quickly, which means it retains its grip during even the most sweaty of classes. There is also extra-cushioning so that your hips and knees get the support they deserve (need!), and the mat is larger in order to avoid the floor in those awkward flows where try as you might, you just cannot seem to align yourself correctly.

The Liforme designers have certainly taken the conventional and ameliorated it considerably. With a larger size, both in terms of width and of height,  the mat is easier to remain on. In addition, the specialist material makes it stickier both on the underside so that it doesn’t slide about on the floor, as well as underfoot so that when those hands get sweaty – as mine do on an industrial scale – there’s no slipping about as you transition from upward into downward dog! After class, by the time I had returned the mat to the receptionist and told her how great an experience using it was, it had almost completely dried.

One thing which absolutely must be mentioned is the amazingly helpful AlignForMe feature. Liforme calls it a navigational tool for your asana alignment and it consists of a range of patterns printed on the mat specifically designed to assist the student in aligning their asanas correctly.

The system is an excellent guide which serves to show you the progress that you’re making even if you don’t quite manage to place everything in the right place just yet. As long as your feet and hand (or knees and elbows) are aligned – as the mat will assist you in doing – you’re making progress! And, if ever you want to practice without the navigational aid, simply user the map with the other side up.

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