Tips to Follow Before Your First Yoga Class
Yoga Tips / April 18, 2022

Tips to Follow Before Your First Yoga Class


Welcoming Yoga to Your Life

Are you heading to your first yoga class? It can be a lot of fun and nerve-wracking. If you aren’t sure how to be ready for your first yoga class, don’t worry. We have you covered as we compiled a list of tips to follow for your first yoga class.


The right clothes can make a world of difference in class. Ideally, you’ll want comfortable clothes made from breathable materials with moisture-wicking features. For cooler weather, you may want comfy tops you can easily layer to stay warm. While you may do yoga in any outfit, below is what we recommend.

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No Shoes

Yoga is done barefoot, if you do not feel comfortable being barefoot, there are grippy yoga socks which are specifically designed for yoga.

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Comfy Trousers

Feel free to wear yoga leggings, however, any kind of trouser or shorts that have stretchy breathable fabric are suitable. Wear what you feel comfortable in.  

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Comfy Top

Wear a fitted or supportive top  for your class. Since you will be doing a lot of bending, a loose and baggy t-shirt will be distracting. Go for a top that stretches and allows room for movement. 


Now that you have your attire ready, it is crucial to prepare your things and equipment. Yoga does not call for many things to bring, but below are the most essential items you should have.

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Yoga Mat

We highly recommend bringing your own mat with you. However, if you do not yet have your own mat we have spares at the studio for you to borrow.

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Water Bottle

Sure, yoga can be relaxing, but it also involves a lot of movement. Be sure to bring your water so you can rehydrate throughout the session.

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You will be sweating a lot from the yoga. It is best to have a towel with you to wipe off your sweat easily and make you feel more comfortable.


Now that you have all your items and attire ready, you are prepared to enter your first class. If you are too nervous, there are ways you can prepare yourself.

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No Heavy Meals

It is good to have a light snack an hour or two before your session. However, avoid having heavy meals as this could churn up your stomach, especially with the movements you will be doing.

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Talk to Your Teacher

It is best to communicate with your yoga teacher about all your needs regarding yoga. They are there to guide you throughout your yoga journey, so it is best to have them be aware of any concerns or injuries.

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Modify for your needs

Particularly at the beginning, it may be difficult to reach every pose. Your teacher can help you find ways to modify for your current level. Don’t be afraid to use blocks, straps, or blankets to make the practice easier for your body.

While some might think that yoga is just a relaxing exercise, many people are too intimidated to take the class. It is best to use these tips to prepare yourself for your first yoga class to enjoy the experience and get used to it.

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