Power Yoga Co. | The Yoga of Partnerships |
In Depth Asanas / May 4, 2014

The Yoga of Partnerships


Life is full of relationships. How well (or poorly) we respond to the relationships in our external environment plays a significant role in our health and happiness. Responding positively helps us to feel stable and secure while reacting negatively can leave us feeling unfulfilled, impatient and disconnected.

This Partner Yoga workshop is built around the theme of Sukha (ease) and Sthira (steadiness) and we will explore how we can most deeply tap into these themes through the support of a partner or friend. By allowing someone else to be the strength and support us in a posture, we are able to access ease and grace and go deeper into the pose. At the same time, the connection with someone else reminds us that yoga is meant to engender a deeper connection to all beings everywhere and get us out of our isolation.

Partner yoga offers a unique opportunity to connect with others by exploring the physical and energetic elements of the asana yoga practice with another person. Partnering with another person will deepen your practice and through the use of connection techniques, it will also improve communication levels and encourage trust.

Bring a friend, your partner or come alone and meet someone new. Come ready to play, have fun, learn and experience your yoga practice in a brand new way! Katie’s workshop is now available for booking.

Having practiced yoga whilst living in Peru, Spain, South Africa and California, Katie began practicing power yoga in London in 2013. The following year she trained at the Power Yoga Company with Erin Pritchard. Her classes combine spirituality and warmth with dynamic strength, based on the belief that yoga has both physical and emotional healing qualities. She teaches in both London and Cambridge.