The Power of Breath
In Depth Asanas / May 20, 2016

The Power of Breath


Stop, take a breath and listen. Three innate behaviours but ones that many of us find hard to do in the modern world. We have taught ourselves to find comfort in the discomfort, causing our breath to become modified and restricted. Yet, by changing the way we breathe and tuning into the feeling of slowing down, we can return to our natural state of being and reap significant benefits along the way. This workshop will take you on a journey of self-discovery. It is time to give yourself a little love.

For two hours we will explore ways to let go and create space through the practice of Satya (truth) – “am I being true to myself in my practice?” and Ahimsa (non-harming) – “am I listening to my body?”. Following these steps will help us to get deeper into our practice and truly tune into our body and breath. In our yoga practice, we focus on moving our bodies in non-harming ways, except our personal limitations and look after ourselves. But how often do we practice this off the mat?

I went on my personal journey into the breath a year ago in Bali. At the time I was lacking in confidence and, well, self-love. At the beginning of the breath workshop I was a little shy, scared others would judge me and worried that I would fail. It took an immersion of dance, music, connection and breath, to help me realise that those negative thoughts were holding me back from my true potential and that I am pretty amazing – and, most importantly, that I should celebrate these feelings, not hold them in. For the first time ever I thanked and congratulated myself, for letting go, being free and for not letting others’ opinions and views affect me.

I recently returned to Bali to take part in a five-day breath work training called The Journey of Self-love. In the Power of the Breath workshop, I will share these experiences as well as other elements that have helped me to slow down and tune in like yoga and meditation.

The first half of the workshop will offer a heart opening asana practice, where we will focus on opening the chest and upper back to create space and softness. With our hearts open and bodies warm we will move towards the theme of connection. Connecting with others and sharing can help us to fully let go and open up both to ourselves and others, which can be a real challenge for many of us. We will then transition to a meditation practice and, finally, a deep savasana. This experience will be enhanced by music, which has been shown to assist us with the process of complete surrender.

Join Frankie on September 3rd for a two-hour workshop that will help you to let go and celebrate the bodies we live in. Frankie teaches a strong dynamic flow at the PYC on Monday, Thursday and Friday evenings as well as Saturday and Sunday mornings and afternoons.