The Joy of Backbends
In Depth Asanas / June 14, 2014

The Joy of Backbends


This week, Rachel Perry talks us through the pleasures of bending backwards. If you would like to experience the fun for yourselves, join her at the Joy of Backbends workshop at TPYC on Saturday June 21st, 1:30 – 3:30.

Backward bending stimulates the central nervous system, boosts the immune system, helps correct bad posture by realigning the spine and can relieve back pain if practiced mindfully.

In the upcoming The Joy of Backbends workshop, I will share with you a sequence that will be nourishing, challenging and uplifting. The workshop will give you some food for thought and the deeper instruction will aid your personal practise and development.

Within the flow we will be bringing awareness to the shoulder girdle, hip joint and fronts of the thighs. When bending backwards, we need space in these areas of the body to allow for deeper juicer backbends.

Don’t worry there will be plenty of core activation to bring stability and peace to the lower back and plenty of counter poses to offer relief and respite from all the heart openings.

Backbends bring us face to face with our physical boundaries and require a lot of dedication and patience. I have found that backward bending engages with our current emotional states and can sometimes create a spontaneous emotive response, responses ranging from laugher, frustration, sadness and joy. If we move with the breath and respect our current limitations the rewards are well worth it!