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In Depth Asanas / Yoga Teacher Training April 10, 2022

What is Yin Yoga, and why is it so powerful?

Louise De Menthon discusses the profound shifts Yin Yoga can bring about. There's so much to learn from Yin, both through practising and teaching. As Louise explains, Yin Yoga is powerful to the point of transformation...

Yoga Teacher Training April 10, 2021

How to become a yoga instructor

Are you thinking about how to become a Yoga instructor? Joining us at PYC Academy promises to help you on your journey by providing a network of expert support

Teacher Interview January 20, 2018

Get to know PYC’s Cloudia Hill

Transformation generally happens when we allow change to happen; stepping outside of our comfort zone we begin to grow and learn about ourselves. It won’t happen overnight, but like our asana practice, it is exactly that - a practice in patience and self-discovery.

Studio News December 17, 2014

Festive treats at PYC

The juice bar at PYC is bringing the power of raw food to you. With all the excess of the festive season at your doorstep, we thought you might like to have something healthy at hand. Learn how to make a juice that will RESTORE you...

Lifestyle December 2, 2014

PYC’s new juice bar

Nestled inside the calm and tranquil haven that is TPYC, the newly opened Juice Bar has everything you need pre and post practice. Offering only the best products, all fruit and vegetables are 100% fresh and organic.

Lifestyle January 12, 2012

Supercharge your 2012 body with Yoga

Never is a ‘New You’ more topical than at the beginning of a New Year. It is almost impossible to escape the countless tips, tricks and wonder-workouts on how to get your body into optimum shape. If however, you are serious about a stronger, leaner and healthier you, skip the quick-fixes and up your yoga […]

Yoga Teacher Training August 7, 2011

Why do a Power Yoga Teacher Training?

Pete Cherry chats about what let him into Yoga and becoming a Power Yoga teacher. He discusses the benefits of Yoga and offers tips for those with an interest in becoming Yoga teachers.