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Lifestyle February 4, 2013

The Power Yoga Company Retreat 2013

4 hours of daily yoga practice? WOW! My flexibility and energy levels have increased. I feel much stronger and returned to my normal London work routine bursting with creativity.

Lifestyle September 8, 2011

Month of Wellbeing: Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy

September, at The Power Yoga Company, is the official month of Wellbeing. During this month we are interviewing professionals of the wellbeing industry; Are you into wellbeing? We want to hear from you! ____ Our interviewee today is Erin McCann a professional Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist and Reiki practitioner. She gives an overview on naturopathy, its […]

Lifestyle September 2, 2011

September: Official Month of Wellbeing

Chryso Savva is our Digital Marketing Manager. September, at the Power Yoga Company, is the official month of Well-being. A term that brings over 40,700,000 results on Google is indeed an interesting area to ponder and research.Our own definition is that wellbeing can be summarised as “yoga”; because for one to achieve a sense of wellbeing […]