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Teacher Interview January 10, 2018

10 minutes with Mona Godfrey

We ask Power Yoga teacher Mona Godfrey 10 questions to try and discover what inspired her yoga and meditation journey. Mona arrives to each class full of vivacity and wisdom that she shares generously with anyone who attends her class.

Teacher Interview September 20, 2017

Meet Christian Coelho

He’s the curly-haired, smiley, scooter driving Brazilian taking London’s yoga scene by storm, and we're so happy he’s made his way to our studio! Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Christian began his yoga journey at very early age...

Teacher Interview February 20, 2017

Léa Barbier ~ Yoga for beginners

We know our teachers are great, but it’s always wonderful to hear just how much they make an impact on other people’s lives. Here, we share a face to face interview with Léa where we discuss her thoughts and feelings about teaching yoga to beginners.

In Depth Asanas July 20, 2015

Yoga Basics with Christian

This Power Yoga Basics workshop will give you the opportunity to slow your practice down and revisit some of the basic tools that will help you set a strong foundation for later, more challenging poses.

In Depth Asanas July 2, 2015

Backbends with Caroline Pegna

Backbends often evoke a sense of fear for many students. Don't worry this is completely normal! With the proper guidance and knowledge of how to get into the backbend correctly you will soon embrace and enjoy this vital part of your practice.

In Depth Asanas June 20, 2015

Inversions ~ why get upside down?

From Crow to Handstand, inversions can be the most beneficial (and fun!) postures in yoga, but are often the ones people find the hardest to do and the most daunting to try.

In Depth Asanas May 20, 2015

Strong Foundations with Caroline Pegna

Join Caroline for a detailed Power Basics Workshop where she’ll focus on breaking down the key postures in Power Yoga, to help students gain a better understanding and confidence in their practice.

Lifestyle March 20, 2014

2015: Your Yoga Year?

That’s the thing about Yoga - you don’t get bored of it.  You never ‘complete’ the final level, you never ‘win’, and you never get too old to practice.  The more you practice Yoga, the deeper your understanding of your body and mind becomes.