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Yoga Teacher Training February 10, 2021

My Journey as a New Yoga Teacher in 2021

Recently qualified yoga teachers are facing some unique opportunities and challenges due to the pandemic. Heather discusses a few key lessons from the PYC yoga teacher training that have helped her in starting the journey as a new yoga teacher in 2021.

Yoga Tips February 20, 2019

How the 21 Day Challenge transformed my practice

The team caught up with PYC student, mother of two and style leader Christelle Vignolo Banide. We chatted about her experience with the 21 Day Challenge last November. Hear how she came for the benefits to her body and stayed because of the benefits to her mind.

Yoga Tips January 10, 2019

Coming back to Yoga after a break

When you take a break from yoga, coming back can be a challenge. In many cases, students don’t stop practicing because they wanted to stop, but because practice got sidelined by something else. Let go of any self-consciousness, get on your mat, close your eyes and breathe.

Yoga Tips May 20, 2018

Join the PYC 21 Day Yoga Challenge

We are delighted to introduce you to our upcoming 21 Day Yoga Challenge. Open yourself to the possibility of transformation in your life, your mind and your body. Our 21 Day Challenge is for everyone. Go at your own pace and practice loving kindness towards yourself.