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Power Yoga

Sophia is a 500hr teacher (Vinyasa and Yin) with a vibrant, inspiring and playful energy. She has an acute eye for detail and loves guiding students through a strong, safe practice. Offering super tangible, movement cues in class, based on her knowledge of functional anatomy and also of the more subtle energies in the body, she really helps students build confidence from the inside out.

Her belief is that if you build strong foundations and really work on mindbody control in your practice – which includes staying focused, present and disciplined – you can reach new levels and really progress. Sophia’s approach is to educate and inspire, integrating anatomy and yoga philosophy equally, which are tools for life that can really help make everything a little easier. You will learn your body better and develop a conscious connection with the breath – all within a fun, stimulating environment.

Sophia developed her yoga practice while completing her PhD in marine biology – she needed it! Her yoga training includes: 200 hrs with Erin Prichard at The Power Yoga Company, 300 hrs vinyasa with Mathieu Boldron, 50 hrs Yin with Annie Au, 30 hrs Yin with Norman Blair, and 80 hrs Yoga for Athletes with Sarah Ramsden (yoga teacher at Man United). Sophia assists internationally-known teachers at their trainings and workshops, including Adam Husler, Sarah Ramsden and Mathieu Boldron. Sophia is also a qualified PT, and proud yoga coach to premiership rugby club, Harlequins.


200 hrs Yoga Alliance RYT (2015)

300 hrs Yoga Alliance RYT (2018)

80 hrs Yoga for Athletes Yoga Alliance RYT (2017)

50 hrs Yin Yoga Alliance RYT (2016)


Amazing!!!! Sophia is an incredible teacher, it was both calming, uplifting and purifying and elongating all at once. Definitely coming back and finding more of her classes!

- Lucy Mitchell

INSTAGRAM @sophiabc_yoga

MORE ABOUT Sophia Butler-Cowdry

Sophia is passionate about extreme sports and has travelled the world as an instructor. She came to yoga during her PhD in marine biology, discovering its magic to heal and ground her. She also works as a private Personal Trainer specialising in functional movement and sustainable fitness.

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