Power Yoga Co. | Sofia Panas | Teacher at PYC

Sofia Panas

Power of Slow Flow

Having spent most of her late teens and early 20’s in a state of anxiety, leading to lack of focus, trouble sleeping and ultimately burn out after burn out, Sofia decided to ditch the wellness to do lists and focus on what made her feel most at peace and connected to her body. She found the practice of yoga nidra and slow mindful yoga flows worked best to help cultivate focus, begin a compassionate self-enquiry and connect to the innate and underlying sense of calm we all have within us.

As a qualified somatic-body-oriented coach, Sofia’s classes are focused on staying present with sensation and with the breath to connect to the underlying peacefulness that is already there in all of us. 


200 Hrs Power Yoga RYT

25 Hrs Special Yoga for Special Kids

95 Hrs Kids & Teens

30 Hrs Postnatal Yoga

28 hours iRest