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Molly Taylor

Power Yoga

Molly believes her role as a teacher is to create a safe space for students to completely immerse themselves in their practice. Her classes are challenging, empowering and mindful of supporting all abilities. Students are guided to feel deeply into their bodies whilst finding a place of stillness in their minds.

Molly began practicing yoga whilst studying Law at University in 2014. She found that the classes not only provided a respite whilst on the mat but that the effects extended off the mat in a significant way, developing her resilience and sense of self. From that point on she was hooked and has been deepening her practice ever since.

She is Managing Director of Famn, a collective of psychologists, coaches and facilitators working with major organisations in financial services and other sectors, providing coaching to senior executives. In particular, working on gender equity through their group coaching programme.

Fascinated with the Autonomic Nervous System, Molly has trained in Yoga Therapy for PTSD and Trauma to explore the complexities of the nervous system including our “fight and flight” stress response and to understand the positive impact yoga has on a physiological and neurochemical level.


200hr YTT – The Power Yoga Company 2021

50hr Yin TT – The Power Yoga Company 2021

40hr Yoga Therapy for PTSD – The Minded Institute 2021