Power Yoga Co. | Marie-Laure Désiré | Teacher at PYC
Marie-Laure Desire

Marie-Laure Désiré

PYC Co-Founder, Power Yoga, Teacher Training

Marie-Laure has an energetic, enjoyable, and compassionate teaching style which creates positive energy and warmth. Skilfully weaving alignment and mindfulness together in her dynamic classes, Marie-Laure provides a space for students to develop their practice, challenge their limits, and enter a moving meditation in which they can find focus and calm. Her aim is for her students to end their classes feeling light, alive and relaxed, and to carry those feelings out into the world.

Marie-Laure has been a co-owner of the Power Yoga Company since its opening in 2007 and has learned a great deal in nurturing this community of students, teachers and staff. Marie-Laure has a passion for people, yoga and teaching and students’ needs are always central to everything she does, to ensure that they leave the studio feeling better than when they arrived, empowered and rejuvenated.