Power Yoga Co. | Lucia Zanone | Teacher at PYC

Lucia Zanone

Power Yoga

Lucia, originally from Italy, turned to yoga as a refuge from the fast-paced life in Milan. Initially attracted to the physical practice, she soon discovered the wider benefits of yoga and its positive impact on her mental well-being. After working in marketing for big corporations for many years, she decided to follow her heart and fully commit to teaching yoga in order to share its benefits with others.

Lucia’s classes are designed to help people connect with their bodies and be present in the moment, using the breath as a tool to cultivate mindfulness. Drawing from her own experience of stress in a corporate job, she creates strong and dynamic flows that encourage students to explore their edge while staying grounded and focused. Her sequences are playful and energetic, suitable for all levels of experience. Join Lucia on the mat and discover the transformative power of yoga for yourself.