Power Yoga Co. | Loren Barclay | Teacher at PYC

Loren Barclay

Yin Yoga

From an early age Loren’s zest to move and be moved has taken her on an eclectic adventure through the exploration of dance, somatic movement practices, holistic healing and Yoga. She first found her teaching voice in 2008 and has travelled the world delivering classes to people from different cultures, religions and languages. These experiences have shaped the way she communicates and connects with people both inside and outside the studio.

Although she has amassed over a decade of experience in teaching a variety of practices, she chooses to focus her attention on the ones that have had the most profound personal impact on her. Yin for the deep yet accessible transformative experience and Vinyasa for the joy of flowing with the breath. Loren’s mission is to encourage her class participants to develop their intuition and listen to their bodies so that their practice is honest and honours their needs.