Hannah Barrett

Power Yoga

Hannah fell in love with yoga whilst pregnant with her son. The way yoga supported Hannah in her journey through motherhood gave her passion to help others find their inner and physical strength through yoga.  Leaving her high powered and stressful job in finance, her mission is now to share with the masses yoga’s incredible benefits.

Building strength in both mind and body through yoga are the roots of Hannah’s business Yoga Girl London and recently released book Strength Through Yoga.  Her classes are creative, dynamic and playful. She teaches from the heart sharing her personal experience of how through movement and mindfulness yoga can shift and transform your outlook on life.  Most of all, she loves helping others finding the magic that yoga brings by connecting to the breath, having fun and leaving all worries at the door.


200 hrs RYT Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

42 hrs Pre-natal

75 hrs Postnatal


Such a great class! I love Hannah’s approach to cultivating strength in a controlled and mindful way.

- Claudine