Power Yoga Co. | Dheeya Rizmie | Teacher at PYC
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Dheeya Rizmie

Power Yoga, Yin Yoga

Dheeya is extremely passionate about yoga, having found her practice during her doctoral studies. Dheeya has a teaching style inspired by fiery Power Vinyasa and soothing Yin, tailoring her classes to the level, range, and preferences of her class each time.

She strikes a balance between guiding students through poses and encouraging them to playfully find their edge while honouring their unique bodies. She feels that the practice is an environment where we get to explore all angles of yoga – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – to fully nourish our minds and souls.

Dheeya strongly believes that life requires a balance and that it’s important to rest and recharge even throughout a sweaty dynamic class. Dheeya enjoys bringing her personal Eastern and Asian influences to encourage students to challenge themselves both mentally and physically in a way that is entirely personal and uplifting. 


Dheeya links her practice to yogic principles which adds a meditative layer to the sessions and encourages mindfulness while practicing. I also felt comfortable pushing myself or retreating when I needed to as she emphasized listening to what your body needs at any point in time. I couldn’t ask for a more holistic approach to a practice that targets the body and mind, helping them work together in-sync.

- Abdul