Power Yoga Co. | Chris Tang | Yoga Teacher at PYC

Chris Tang

Power Yoga

Chris is a firm believer that your yoga practice on the mat mirrors life off the mat. His classes present the idea that yoga has the ability to permeate all aspects of your life such as how you treat yourself and relate to others, the environment and the world around you. By encouraging students to use yoga as a form of self-expression and self-exploration, his goal is to inspire creativity and help students find a sense of inner peace and self-acceptance that they can apply off the mat.

Chris found yoga during an extremely tough period of his life (mentally, emotionally and physically), and loves to share the benefits and what he’s learnt with as many people as possible. Yoga has helped Chris to create a more fulfilling and purposeful lifestyle, and his own practice includes vinyasa flow, power vinyasa and yin yoga. His yoga practice in combination with pranayama and meditation allows him to live life more consciously and intentionally. He strives to learn as much as he can about these practices, as knowledge and experience is endless.

60 min class playlist