Power Yoga Co. | Amelie Uteza | Teacher at PYC
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Amelie Uteza

PYC Co-Founder, Power Yoga, Teacher Training

Amelie is passionate about yoga and about teaching it. Yoga has been a life companion and support ever since discovering the Ashtanga practice in 1997 in Miami where she later trained to become a Yoga Teacher with Fred Busch and Paul Toliuszis, co-founding The Power Yoga Company a few months later in 2007.

Amelie leads yogis to find space and strength within their body and mind. She works on maintaining and restoring the physical, energetic and emotional balance that the body needs in order to be healthy.

As we improve stamina and flexibility within the body, we also maximise our physical health beyond the mat, in sports disciplines but also in the every day life while achieving a more relaxed state of mind.

Amelie’s classes are dynamic but lots of options are offered and all levels are welcome. After class you will feel lighter, stronger, happier 🙂

60 min class playlist