Power Yoga Co. | Amber Coleman | Yoga Teacher at PYC

Amber Coleman

Power Yoga, Power of Yin

London born and raised, Amber qualified as a yoga instructor in 2020,. Her practice began at The Power Yoga Company when she was 18 years old. She says that being able to now teach The Power Yoga Company is a dream come true! Amber’s classes go beyond the physical, her yoga mat is coming home to the body; a way to express, move, breathe and find connection to self.

What began as a “physical” practice is now much deeper, releasing and spiritual as well. Amber’s classes are rhythmic, dynamic, and joyful. She enjoys weaving elements of vinyasa, rocket, mandala and yin yoga. No matter age or level there is something to take away from every flow she puts together. Expect to come away feeling open, grounded and with a sense of presence in body and mind.