Power Yoga Co. | Amanda Dufour | Teacher at PYC

Amanda Dufour

Power Yoga
After training as a dancer at the Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance and performing
across Europe and the Middle East, Amanda came across yoga and was instantly hooked. It was (and still is)
challenging, but something about it made sense. Plus, it was a miracle cure for assorted dance
injuries! Amanda practiced with several teachers who inspired and helped her discover a new passion. Right from the start, the idea of teaching yoga was present in her mind. During what felt like a transitional phase, she decided to take the plunge and complete my teacher training with The Power Yoga Company – hands down best decision!
Amanda’s practice is a dynamic one, focusing on building strength and flexibility whilst creating a
meditative flow through asana with emphasis on breath and alignment. Incorporating influences
from other fields and her love of music.