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Alexandra Taylor


Alexandra is a qualified Cognitive Hypnotherapist & Transformational Coach. She first discovered meditation when she began a yoga practice to help her navigate through some difficult times. The blissful wellbeing she experienced during and after left her feeling inspired and curious to find out more. Alexandra’s journey led her to various courses in cognitive therapy and coaching, but her heart always remained firmly rooted in the benefits of a regular meditation practice. Her work is based upon a core belief that when we truly relax our minds and bodies we are able access our essential nature of happiness and wellbeing. The time we allow ourselves for rest and relaxation is arguably one of the most underrated tools we have for our health: it is what enables us to THRIVE in the modern world. In her classes you can expect to experience a variety of techniques, including guided visualisation, breath work and relaxation therapy, Alexandra is a gentle and intuitive guide and will leave you feeling wonderfully connected, restored and present.

Meditation is not about learning to empty the mind of all thoughts, rather it is the art and science of letting go and accessing the stillness within us. Thoughts are a natural part of human existence, but when we learn to be a non judgemental observer of them, we discover wisdom, peace and health. Meditation helps to bring you back from your time travels to the past and future, and into the present moment so that you can fully appreciate your life.


Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist & Counsellor (Dip.CBH)


Alex knows how to make sure you are comfortable and relaxed, and ready for the session. It was a wonderful experience that I’d recommend to anyone who is working through something and wants guidance in the process.

- Cléo Fatoorehchi

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30 min, All Levels, Alexandra Taylor VIEW VIDEO

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