Yoga Alliance Registered Continuing Education Programme with Elodie Frati E- RYT 500


Made it through your 200hrs, but either thirsty for more, or feel like you need to revisit some of the content? This course could be for you!

Whilst a good understanding of anatomical theory is fantastic, being able to apply your understanding to what you see in class is crucial.  Amongst other things, will be looking at some of the core principles of alignment as well as those surrounding mobility and stability. We will take a closer look at our nervous system and how it is a central part of the way we apprehend and execute movement.

We will learn more about the way muscles function and about the principles of tissue repair in injury, but also think about longer term pain, and delve into some of the science that surrounds it. Finally we will consider the variables that come with individual anatomy, and the ways in which we may need to adapt our sequencing and language to suit different abilities and different bodies.

The course is designed to encourage you to think critically about the information you come across and allow you to make informed decisions in your teaching.


Just to say a MAHOOSIVE thanks for all your teaching over the course. It taught me a ton and in a way that improved how I can teach. Thank you, thank you!



14 March | 28 March | 18th April | 30th May

Sundays 1-5.30pm

Open to all yoga teachers with RYT 200 qualification


£295 In House

£185 Livestream

Counts towards RYT Continuing Education requirements