Teacher Profile ~ Elina Rautio
Teacher Interview / June 28, 2011

Teacher Profile ~ Elina Rautio


When did you first get into Yoga and why?

Many years ago I fractured my spine in a fall whilst figure skating. I thought I had made a full recovery but in 2008 the old injury gradually started to cause me pain again to the point of not being able to get out of bed in the morning.

During this time I was also struggling with uncertainties in my personal life; my relationship and my job both felt out of balance. I felt like I had a million questions with no answers, and realised I needed a massive shift to take place in my life but was not sure where to start.

Yoga was my solution and it worked! In my Yoga practice I started to get to know myself, my likes dislikes aims and goals. Yoga keeps me focused and willing to face challenges whilst spending less time reacting emotionally and procrastinating.

What did you do before becoming a teacher?

I worked in Commercial Properties in Mayfair and at the same time training and working on the side as a Holistic Massage Therapist.

Where did you train?

I decided to change career when I realised that all I ever talked about was Yoga. I have very patient friends but it became clear that I needed and wanted to share this passion with others on a bigger scale.

My first teacher training was with Frog Lotus Yoga in 2009. In the same year I also completed Baron Baptiste level one teacher training. I recently completed Yoga Life Coaching training with Midwest Power Yoga.

Are your classes different from those of other teacher?

My way of teaching is physically challenging but still a style that is accessible for all levels. I believe that change and transformation happens out of our comfort zone. When I teach my intention is to share that we are all capable of so much more than we think we are and that by shifting our perceptions we can start achieving more than we ever imagined.

The challenge is not coming from “fixing” a person or changing who you are, but from a place of realising “true self”. I challenge people to achieve a particular pose but it isn’t really about the pose it is about achievement beyond expectations.

What are your goals for the future?

I will continue growing and learning by connecting back to my teachers for further training and  also to keep connecting internationally teaching classes workshops and retreats. My next step is to be able to certify students for 200 YTT and my intention is to be ready to do that by September.