Month of Wellbeing: Therapeutic Massage
Lifestyle / September 25, 2011

Month of Wellbeing: Therapeutic Massage


Therapeutic Massage specialist

Our interviewee today is Claire Durand, a professional therapeutic and pregnancy massage specialist and a facialist. She talks about therapeutic massage, its benefits and gives her own views about yoga and wellbeing

What is a therapeutic massage?

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage is beneficial for all sorts of health conditions

Therapeutic massage is more intense than a relaxation massage, so if there is a lot of tension to be worked out then it will be. However, unlike a sports massage, you will not leap off the couch in agony but the muscles are nonetheless being worked. Therapeutic massage is beneficial for all sorts of health conditions: it aids digestion; helps lymphatic drainage and releases stress, headaches, migraines and muscles aches. It complements exercise recovery programs for strained muscles. It also  promotes  deep relaxation, improves circulation. It also gives you the healing power of touch.

When should somebody choose to have a therapeutic massage?

It could be purely that you are exhausted or that you just want to be touched. So many people live on their own nowadays, especially in the city, yet we still all need physical contact. It is also useful if you are suffering from insomnia; have sore muscles or do a lot of running. It complements yoga and many forms of physical exercise.

How do you think yoga aids wellbeing?

It relieves stress and tension, tore muscles, it aids with the digestion, eliminate toxics, it relaxes you and the muscles, it improves circulation. And also it gives you that healing power of touch.