Teacher Profile ~ David Pearce
Teacher Interview / October 20, 2015

Teacher Profile ~ David Pearce


The City Actuarial Systems Developer turned yogi began his yoga journey back in 2002 as a means of injury prevention. David first found yoga via Bikram. His love for the physical and mental balance of the class later served as a springboard for three yoga teacher training courses: 200h training in Ashtanga Vinyasa and Rocket, 50h Advanced Rocket, and 100h Yin with The Yoga People. Not one to do things half-heartedly David is heading off to Goa in March to do 100h Mandala, and another 50h Rocket in May. Safe to say that he has definitely got the yoga bug!

David likes to teach a strong class and has a passion for inversions. He (seriously) started his handstand journey at the start of 2015. David says he has come a long way since, but “still have a long way to go”. He co-teaches inversion workshops and hopes to bring them to PYC. However, he is not all about the Yang and admits that he has grown to love and embrace the power of Yin, which he thinks is an amazing practice!

David loves yoga because he believes it is the union of the body, mind, and breath and because it offers the opportunity to connect with, learn from and be inspired by so many amazing people. “I’ve been lucky enough to meet some of the most fantastic beings on my journey so far, and they are a huge part of why I practice. Their positivity and happiness constantly encourage me to be a better, happier person not only for myself but for those I know and meet as well,” says David. “I’d encourage anyone to try Yoga and believe it has something to offer everyone,” he adds.

We are excited to have David as part of the PYC teaching staff family, and we hope you are too! Catch him at 8:30pm on Wednesdays. To learn more about David, visit his website or follow him on instagram.