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Get it at PYC / Lifestyle / May 10, 2019

How to use Aromatherapy in Yoga


Essential oils have long been renowned for their ability to improve emotional and mental well-being. Used properly, they can be a beautiful compliment to a yoga practice and a powerful part of your yoga classes.

Scent is an extremely potent yet subtle instrument, and we can use it to enhance our practice, creating psychological triggers to focus the mind and reinforce the sanctuary of the space.

In the PYC reception area, you might have noticed some colourful little bottles. If you were to open one of the testers up and breathe deeply, you would discover the delicately balanced art of aromatherapy. Our oils and sprays are carefully blended by qualified aromatherapist Rebecca Poyurs, specifically for yoga.

We caught a few minutes with Rebecca to chat about using aromatherapy in yoga. Aromatherapy has been an integrated part of her life and yoga practice for 15 years. She began her own line ‘Revkah’ when her yoga students expressed interest in the purposefully blended aromas she used in class. In a Yin & Yang workshop, for example, she used a blend she has since named ‘Balance’: a fresh blend of calming lavender, soothing cypress, stimulating lemon and grounding vetiver.

“We all have a very personal relationship with scent,” Rebecca explains, “To discover aromatherapy, you should pick up a bottle, breathe it in and interact with it. What do you most connect to?”

One of Rebecca’s most popular blends is ‘Goddess’, a deeply sensual, uplifting and healing feminine blend to help you embrace your inner goddess during the different phases of your cycles. She especially likes to use it for flows focused on stretching and releasing in the pelvic area.

“Aromatherapy can create a trigger. When you develop a ritual with scents before your yoga practice, you have an emotional response – this is my reflection time.” Aromatherapy first-timers might like to start with the roller oils: at the start of class, and perhaps just before savasana, apply the roller on inside of your wrists, above your eyebrows, and on your temples. Revkah also offers sprays: “I use the spray as an intentional ritual,” says Rebecca, “I spritz it in the space around me and breathe deeply. Little rituals like these support me through the day, delivering me from one phase to the next.”

Aromatherapy enthusiasts will be interested to know that “the hands and feet are the most receptive part of the body because they are the most porous. They also have a very strong effect in reflexology.” Using Revkah’s body oils can be a great way of targeting these remarkably receptive areas.

“I believe deeply in harnessing the healing power of plants and nature to support and nurture us in this modern day of living,” says Rebecca emphatically, “my blends have no nasties – they’re all natural and free from palm oil, alcohol, parabens, preservatives and chemicals.”

We invite you to experiment and play with aromatherapy in your yoga practice this week. You’re welcome to test the bottles in reception and discover what you connect to.