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Yoga Teacher Training / December 10, 2019

How to choose a yoga teacher training programme


How to choose a yoga teacher training programme

Deciding on the best Yoga teacher training programme for you should not be an on the spot decision. It is better to take time to consider which one is best suited to you, as this training could heavily shape the type of Yoga instructor you become.

Things to consider include:
– Does this programme suit your learning style?
– Does this programme allow you to study the Yoga style you want?
– How long does the program last?
– What are the experiences of those who have already done the programme?

At PYC Academy, we offer three 200hr teacher training programmes per year, in Spring, Summer and Autumn. The material taught in each course is exactly the same, so you won’t be missing out by choosing one over the other.

Running 3 courses a year means we have a rolling curriculum that gives students the option to study flexibly. You may pause your training and join a later intake, even repeat a module if you desire. There is no additional cost for this.

There are also various attendance options, so whether you prefer in-person, remote or a mix of both, we are here to accommodate your needs. If you’re still unsure and have some questions about which programme is right for you, keep your eyes peeled for our next free Taster Session and Q&A.

What to bring to yoga teacher training

First and foremost, a yoga mat is essential. Don’t worry about buying a new one specifically for classes, an old mat is perfectly fine too. If you happen to forget your mat when attending classes at our lovely Parsons Green studio, we have spares on hand for you to use. A towel is useful to mop up any sweat from the hard work too!

We would also recommend that you bring a journal. This will be extremely useful for jotting down any notes about what you learn from the teacher training program to refer back to later. Additionally, you may be inclined to document your feelings and use your journal as a means of personal reflection.

Training is rigorous, so some snacks to fuel you through your training is essential. Water is a must as well! When you realise how much you’ll sweat in your classes, your body will be grateful to replenish with water.

How to physically prepare for yoga teacher training

Practice, practice practice! One prerequisite for our teaching training courses is that students have at least two years worth of asana practice. So keep going with your asana practice in the lead up to your training classes.

This will also better prepare you for the intense physical demands that Yoga teacher training requires. On a personal level, it will also make you aware of any instances where you feel you will need modifications and adjustments. However, don’t overdo yourself! Coming prepared but well rested will help you start your training off in the best way possible.