What is Yoga Nidra?
In Depth Asanas / August 20, 2016

What is Yoga Nidra?


“In Yoga Nidra, we restore our body, senses and mind to their natural function and awaken a seventh sense that allows us to feel no separation, that only sees wholeness, tranquility and wellbeing,” Richard Miller, PhD.

Yoga Nidra is a blissful type of meditation practice that invites deep relaxation and physical restoration, and provides an opportunity for profound internal enquiry and transformation.

The practice enables us to reconnect to our “innermost essence”, our natural state of Being – that which is inside all of us, which is always present and always whole, well and at peace, but just often pushed to the background of our busy and stressful lives.

It is whilst resting in this state of Being that we can meet everything that is present within ourselves, allowing us to move through emotions, thoughts and beliefs that have perhaps been holding us back in life. Here, we also come to not only realise but actually feel our interconnectedness with all fellow humans and life – a magical feeling and what yoga is really all about.

One of the great things about Yoga Nidra is that anyone, with or without prior meditation experience, can benefit from the practice and the more you practice, the more you experience its benefits. It differs from more common forms of yoga where we are working towards something – whether that is achieving physical postures, or controlling our breath or the mind – in order to experience moments of stillness or awareness. In Yoga Nidra, we do nothing other than lie resting on the floor listening to our teacher’s voice guide us into a blissful state of Being, a feeling of having returned ‘home’ to ourselves.

If you’re intrigued, come along to one of my classes on a Friday evening, 6:30-7:30pm, at the PYC. The type of Yoga Nidra that I’ll be sharing is informed by the teachings of yogic scholar and clinical psychologist Richard Miller, PhD, founder of the Integrative Restoration Institute (iRest). iRest Yoga Nidra integrates modern psychology and neuroscience with the ancient practice and there is now a growing body of evidence to support its benefits.

Sophie believes yoga provides us with a way to live fuller and more meaningful lives, and to connect to that innate sense of peacefulness wellbeing and truth present within us all. Sophie’s classes are both dynamic and grounding, strong and soft, challenging and nurturing – creating strength, space and opening within students’ bodies, minds and hearts. Find Sophie at the PYC on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays.