Anatomy in Action | 20hr YACEP®

Starts 14th March 2021 with Elodie Frati

Made it through your 200hrs, but either thirsty for more or feel like you need to revisit some of the content? This course is for you! Whilst a good understanding of anatomical theory is fantastic, being able to apply your understanding to what you see in class is crucial.


Functional Yoga For Sport | 40hr YACEP®

Starts 15th May 2021 with Sophia Butler-Cowdry

Are you a yoga teacher or physical therapist wondering how yoga could benefit your clients who regularly do sport ? Whether you’ve just qualified, been teaching for years, or never taught yoga before (but work in physical therapy), this training is for you. Learn how to assess and identify your clients’ needs and create tailored yoga sequences.


Mentoring Programme | 40hr YACEP®

Starts 25th September 2021 with Christian Coelho

Our Mentoring Programme will help you develop your teaching and business skills whether you’ve just qualified or been teaching for years. Join a supportive and enthusiastic group of new and experienced yoga teachers to investigate your dharma as a teacher, dig into the business and ethics of yoga, and learn how to use this knowledge to build a sustainable, fulfilling career.