Heart Above Head – Inversion Workshop (Join From Home)

6th February, 2pm-4pm with Isabel Lankester

Learn about correct alignment, setting a solid foundation and how to develop your own personal practice. The workshop will begin with a dynamic vinyasa practice to warm up the body, before going on to look further at inversions such as headstand, handstand and pincha!


Journey To The Self – Yin & Meditation Workshop (Join From Home)

£20 13th February, 2pm-4pm with Katie Oriel

This offering will guide you deeper into your understanding of the Yin philosophy and deeper into the poses, accompanied by breath work, meditation and poetry. It is available to any and all that feel the calling to slow down, nourish and ground both the inner and outer body. Release tension, free the mind and, most importantly, rest.


Deeper Alignment Workshop (Join From Home)

23rd January, 2pm-4pm with Harriet Taylor

In this workshop you can expect to learn more technical alignment cues in the traditional standing postures and the importance of weight distribution in your Chutaranga, Arm balances and Inversions.