Heart Opening Workshop (Join From Home)

6th March, 2pm-4pm

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Heart Opening Workshop (Join From Home)

6th March, 2pm-4pm with Louise De Menthon at the studio



The heart space is the centre of love. When we are open and in alignment with our true selves, love flows effortlessly and is an unlimited source. However, we all carry around years of conditioning and emotional weight – fear, pain, suffering, judgments and comparisons. We’ve all had our traumas, dramas, accidents, illnesses, heartaches, heartbreaks and everything in between. ‘Life’ happens and it becomes the ‘norm’ to feel somewhat detached and discouraged.

To re-energise the heart space, we open ourselves up to the feeling function. Moving internally to observe, acknowledge and accept what is there. From here we allow ourselves to feel vulnerability – a true act of courage! This allows the heaviness and tension that is being held in the heart centre to dissipate and dilute, opening us up to a so much more joy and connection. Our thoughts and feelings are inextricably linked, so this workshop provides time and space for us to work with the mind and the body.

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Louise De Menthon
Power Yoga, Power of Slow Flow, Teacher Training
Louise teaches a strong and mindful dynamic style class, focusing on reconnecting with the sensations and feelings within movement and the body. This allows students to really become present, focusing the mind while using the body’s intelligence to strengthen and open in a steady and safe way.…